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We participate with a majoritymembership in Novogreen, leader in growing and installing turf in the Iberian Peninsula. We are dedicated to the production, supply and installation of high quality natural grass, in the format of sods and sprigs. At the same time we carry out construction jobs related to these products. We are experts in the construction and reforms of football pitches and golf courses. Our production areas are divided between Arévalo, Delta del Ebro, Toledo in Spain and Comporta, in Portugal. We offer 21 varieties, 10 of them certified by the ITGAP www.itgapturf.org. We produce Agrostis, Bermuda, Festuca, Ray grass and Poa Pratensis, Zoysias, Paspalum, Dichondra and Mixto, hybrid grass.

Novogreen develops specialized agricultural work until obtaining a product of the highest quality for the specific use required. Afterwards, the turf or springs are cut and delivered to its destination into refrigerated trucks. If the client requires it, Novogreen can install the turf with the specific machinery.

We can advise for the construction and renovation of soccer pitches and golf courses. For this matter we have an excellent team, our knowledge and experience, and specific machinery driven by trained workers to offer the best customized result for each client.

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