Campo de naranjos
Orange trees
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The orange grove is in Moratalla, located in the valley of the GuadalquivirRiver, between the villages of Hornachuelos and Posadas. The first orange trees were planted in 2004 with a conventional frame and have evolved into super-intensive system up to 2380 plants per hectare.

The total area of the plantation is 711 hectares. Our varieties are: Valencia Late, Sucreña, Lane Late, Valencia Delta, Washington Navel Foios, Barberinas and Salustianas.

Mechanized harvesting is done with our own latest generation harvesters. Two parallel Oxbo 3220 self-propelled machines, that ensure speed and quality in the collection. Three Oxbo 3210 dragged by tractor pulling the oranges to the soil which are immediately collected by hand; we have updated a 3210 fourth Oxbo to pick oranges automatically as parallel.

From our total production, 15/20% of the orange goes to the fresh market and are picked by hand.

In November 2020 we will be finishing the works of the new raft of the farm that occupies an area of ​​12 hectares. By then we will have a capacity of one billion litersto to use for irrigation.